Action Designer & IDE

In practice, the automated actions consist of the actual actions, which control the devices, and a user interface layer, which we are calling activators.

In general, an activator can call any action, and an action can call any other action. This approach enables the widest possible range of functionality to be provided, from a simple on / off switch through to the more complex applications, which can be built from a structure of actions. The action designer enables these activators and actions to be defined by simple device selectors and conditional selectors.

The system also includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which enables much more complex applications to be created. The devices are selected in the same way as for any other type of action, but the conditional statements are written in Microsoft C#. These programs do not have to be compiled separately, such as with Microsoft Visual Studio, because the built-in IDE includes its own compiler.

We have also used these tools to create standard applications, such as for hot water and central heating control.

As with the normal everyday use of the system, the action designer and the IDE do not rely on any cloud services, or an internet connection.

Create Your Own Advanced Actions

Build your own advanced actions, setup devices to talk talk each other. Group devices easily from.

Using plain English choose what you want your advanced action to do.

What do you want to happen?

Select what you would like to happen, choose and add from on or more of any of these options:

  • Turn Lights On / Off
  • Turn Plugs On / Off
  • Lock / Unlock Doors
  • Main Heating
  • Zone Heating
  • Enable / Disable / Run an Action / ADVANCED: Write your own code
  • Send a notification SMS or Email

Would you like it to happen automatically? Choose one or more triggers

Select one or more trigger. Once you've selected your triggers you can choose if you want them to work together or on their own to trigger your event:

  • Something Opens / Closes
  • Activity Starts / Stops
  • Something is Turned On / Off
  • Button Pressed / Held Down
  • It gets Cold / Hot
  • Light Levels
  • Someone Arrives / Leaves
  • Door Unlocks / Unlocks

Schedule a time of day

Choose a time of day for your advanced action to be active:

  • Time of Day
  • Sunrise plus/minus offset
  • Sunset plus/minus offset

Design your Action

Add & modify your action, triggers and schedule for your advanced action. Close an existing advanced action and modify it. Using our plain English action designer puts you in control of your home automation.

Add Your Own Code

Do you feel like writing your own code? Write your own code directly into the action designer.