Managing Your System

Plug-and-play setup using standard off-the-shelf hardware. Onscreen guides for network setup and device joining. Comprehensive system self-monitoring, diagnostics, reporting, and alerts.

Easy to Install & Configure

  • Pre-assembled Pi from within USA
  • Self-assembly option
  • Automatic Control System installation on power-up
  • Easy-to-follow onscreen guides and wizards


  • ZigBee HA & LL, Z-Wave, & WiFi
  • Legacy networks, including AlertMe, 1st Generation Iris & Hive
  • Uses USB network adapters for plug-and-play operation
  • Online wizard for network setup

"As a Beta Tester, and as an IRIS user since 2012, I can testify that SystronicsRF has been more productive in each DAY since the Beta began, than IRIS ever was in a month or maybe 3 months. These guys know what they are doing, AND they don't have to wait for any red tape, they just have solutions DONE when we wake up the very next morning."


  • Routing normally controlled with network protocol
  • Default routing can be overridden with static, user define routing
  • Intelligent routing option chooses best available routes automatically
  • Network operation presented online as routing table, routing tree, and graphically


  • Devices profiled for many manufacturers and for many device types
  • Online wizard for joining each device type
  • Devices profiled for all network types
  • Profiles enable App designer to select data instead of device
  • Please see Profiled Devices

System Health

  • Ensuring the health of the system is a top priority
  • Potential failures are anticipated
  • Extensive self-monitoring is central to system operation
  • Error status and warning shown on individual devices
  • Error status of devices shown on dependent App tiles
  • System attempts to self-heal wherever possible
  • Battery levels are monitored continuously
  • Users are alerted to any marginal battery levels
  • Network signal qualities are monitored continuously
  • Users are alerted to any significant degradation in signal quality
  • Users alerted to any loss of connection with individual devices
  • System health data provided as online tables and diagrams