The App

Most recently, the focus has been on the development of the user interface, which has been divided into two parts, one for everyday use, and the other for tailoring the system to each user’s needs.

All of the user interfaces are browser based, and access a web service running on the hub, in the same way as a conventional website, and via a local SSL connection.

Everyday use in this context includes switching devices on and off, such as lights and other powered devices, and enabling or disabling automated actions, such as overnight security, heating and other schedules, as well as boosting the heating, etc. This everyday user interface is based on responsive website design technology, which optimises the page layout to suit the screen of the device being used, from mobile phones to wide screen monitors.

The design of the automated actions, and the setting up of the features for the everyday use of the system, are undertaken via a separate user interface. Following the general trend towards the use of larger screen devices for these aspects, they are only made available on larger screen devices, and not on mobile phones. Responsive website design technology is still employed, to cater for different screen sizes, but the functionality is disabled when the screen size is less than that of a tablet in a portrait orientation.

Activating Actions

You may simply want to turn something on or off, or you may run an action on demand, or you may want to enable/disable and advanced action. Using the Activator designer you can customize your UI.

Basic Activators

Basic activators allow you to simply Turn a single device on or off. If it's a light bulb or light switch you may want to adjust the brightness and/or color.

Enable / Disable an Advanced Action

You can enable / disable or turn on / off advanced actions using the advanced activators. Simply select the actions to enable or disable, name your activator and you can start using it straight away.

Run Something On Demand

Sometimes you may want to run an action on demand; turn off all the lights off downstairs, boost the heating for 30 mins, etc. Using the activator designer you can choose the actions to run on demand and name the button for your UI.

Customize Your Activators

Using the activator designer you can customize your activators and control your app's UI.

  • Choose your activator
    • On / Off Switch
    • Enabled / Disabled Switch
    • Custom Switch add your on phrase
    • Run Now Button addyour own phrase
  • Select the actions to turn on, turn off, or to run on demand.
  • Name your activator & add a summary
  • Choose one, or more, category: -
    • Lights
    • Power
    • Heating
    • Security
  • Make it a favourite if you like
  • Choose a location Floor, Room or Everywhere

Activator Designer

Use the App on any device Mobile / Tablet / Laptop

The app can be used on ANY device - mobile, tablet, laptop or PC.

Desktop & Tablet(landscape)