Iris by Lowe's

The first generation of Iris devices was developed by AlertMe for Lowes. These are known by Iris users as 1st generation devices. Lowes subsequently developed adaptations of these devices, which were compliant with the more recent ZigBee standard, and which are known as 2nd Generation devices.

The 1st Generation devices are slightly more tolerant when joining than the original AlertMe devices, but they are nevertheless backwards compatible with AlertMe devices, so both types of device do run on the same network.

Both the 1st Generation and the 2nd Generation Iris devices have been tested successfully.

The Iris device range also includes Z-Wave devices, some of which have been tested, and all successfully.

Although more Iris Z-Wave devices have yet to be tested, there should be no problems with these, due to the degree of Z-Wave standardization. One of the obvious differences between UK devices and US devices is the lower supply voltage of the mains powered devices in the USA, but these have been tested successfully with a drop-down transformer.