A System For Everyone

Whether you just want to switch some lights on or off, or control a full security or HVAC system, then look no further.

Tablets & Smart Phones

  • Use it on any device, without having to install any special software, or app
  • Simple tile-based controls, just tap on / tap off
  • Straightforward, intuitive interface for the everyday user
  • All devices connected through home WiFi for local operation


  • Dashboards for use as wall-mounted kiosks, on tablets, and on smart phones
  • Highly visual graphical presentation

"Your team has accomplished more in the last 6 months than the entire Lowe's Team was likely able to do over the 4-5-year life span of Iris."

Works With Alexa

  • Advanced Alexa integration
  • Voice control over all actions
  • Directly equivalent to tapping on an onscreen tile

Cloud Console

  • Provides indirect secure authenticated access when away from home
  • Local operation is augmented with Cloud data, such as sunrise and sunset times
  • Text and email notifications also sent via the Internet


  • Personalize the tiles and the dashboards
  • Anyone can control and monitor any device, from motion sensors to cameras
  • Multiple user groups, each with specific access to a particular set of facilities
  • Operate multiple systems in separate locations