NetCanvas Platform

NetCanvas™ has been the platform for all of our software for mobile apps, advanced websites, and online business systems for the last 15 years, during which time it has been extended and improved.

NetCanvas is a Microsoft C# / Microsoft .Net, JSON, HTML5, CSS3 based platform, which is integrated with both MongoDB and Microsoft SQL databases.

NetCanvas has its own Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and form / page designers. These are designed for use by programmers with a wide range of skill sets, from basic HTML & CSS through to the full capabilities of C#. It provides a much simpler and easier to use alternative for many applications to Microsoft’s Visual Studio.

NetCanvas User Interface

The NetCanvas platform retains the C# language syntax, but elevates the programming to an even higher level, designed specifically to cater for online applications.

This approach enables programmers without any particular skills in C# to develop applications quickly and easily. At the same time, it allows more skilled C# programmers to modify and extend the underlying NetCanvas platform to suit their particular needs.

Being C# based, the capabilities of NetCanvas can be easily extended by drawing on the largest available range of proven source libraries and packages.

NetCanvas provides:

  • Built-in support for multiple projects with revision based releases, and automatic roll-back.
  • Drag & Drop Real Time UI Designer.
  • Real Time Database Designer, which enables the developer to change database structures quickly and easily.
  • Tools for developers to design, create, and release, Content Management Systems, which are bespoke to each application.
  • Pre-built installable components for most app and website applications, such as news, home page feeds, faceted search, ecommerce, registered customers, etc.
  • Full control of user / visitor authentication, and rights & roles.
  • Create, Use & Edit C# Web Forms Instantly.
  • Automatic on demand image resizing, cropping, etc.
  • Native, cache-busting, support for LessCSS and Sass, to generate CSS using Node.js.
  • Native, cache-busting, support for JavaScript, TypeScript, Handlebars, and ECMAScript.
  • Report generation, including creation of PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, etc.
  • All source code backed by git repositories.
  • Automated backup of the code base and assets, including data, which occurs at regular intervals, or on demand.
  • Automatic restoration from selected previous back-ups.
  • Support for distributed systems through APIs and other forms of data exchange.

NetCanvas is accessible online through a standard web browser. This enables anyone with a web browser and an internet connection to use it for mobile app and website development, as well as other online systems’ software.

Whenever a source file is saved, NetCanvas automates the deployment to the client depending on the File type. The C# is automatically compiled, and CSS, JavaScript, etc. are automatically generated, ready for execution in response to any subsequent client requests.