Microsoft C#

The entire suite of applications software has been written by us in Microsoft C#, which is a .NET language, and is the most commonly used for mission critical applications.

All of the programs run on our C# based NetCanvas™ platform. This platform has formed the basis of our mobile apps, advanced websites, and business systems, for more than a decade. The software running on the hub contains all of the control system functionality, and the cloud based software is in a supporting role.

All of the application programs running on the hub, and the supporting cloud software are written in C#, and do not rely on any third party libraries or programs.

C Sharp

Microsoft C# is a .NET programming language. It is an object-oriented, class-based language with component-oriented programming disciplines.

Despite the apparent association with C and C++, due to the similarity of its name, it is much more advanced, and much higher level language, than either C or C++.

C# is the third most popular programming language, and is used by a third of all software developers worldwide.

C# is the preferred language for all mission critical applications, with the exception of those in the most critical sectors, such as avionics and nuclear, the demands of which are beyond the capability of any available commercial programming language.

If properly designed and implemented, C# programs can have a higher performance than any other high level language. It also imposes a discipline on programmers that precludes programming errors that are not detected in other languages.

Having come from a Nantucket Clipper and CA Visual Objects background, we adopted C# for all of our applications programming about fifteen years ago.