Manufacturer Aeon Labs
Brand Aeotec
Network ZWave
Type of Device Door Sensor
Comments w/ Configurable Delay & Level Notifications

Aeotec Door Sensor

The Aeotec Door Sensor, from Aeotec, is a ZWave Door Sensor. with Configurable Delay & Level Notifications

The Aeotec Door Sensor allows the Control System to moniter activity within your home, both as a Security Aid, and more generally within the home, such as triggering an alarm during certain times of the day, or by contolling other devices when specific activities are detected by the Aeotec Door Sensor

The Aeotec Door Sensor, when attached to a Door or a Window of your home, will immediately notify the Contol System when the door or window has been opened. Not only can it be used to simply trigger the lights to turn on when a door opens, but can be used as part of a home security system.

If you use the Aeotec Door Sensor as a part of your Home Security System, it includes the ablity to notify the Control System when the device is being tampered with. Whenever the device case is opened, or if someone removes it from it's location, the Control System can trigger a warning alarm and let you know which device is being tampered with.

An important aspect of any Control System is the power used within the home as a whole, and by individual devices.

The Aeotec Door Sensor is battery operated device. By sending the battery information to the Control System, the Aeotec Door Sensor battery state can be monitored automatically. When necessary, the Control System will predict and notify you, ahead-of-time, when the battery in the device will need to be changed.