Managing Your Devices

A wide range of device types, from many different manufacturers, and using different technologies, have been configured for use with the system.

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The devices have also been profiled, so that the user merely specifies the required data, such as the living room temperature, without referencing the actual device reporting that temperature.

Device Joining

  • Devices all joined using a common onscreen wizard
  • The user takes their WiFi connected smart phone to the device location
  • A wizard takes the user through the network and device type selection
  • The user manually initiates the joining procedure
  • The user confirms the device type onscreen
  • The user designates the floor, room and location of the device

Device Details

  • Provide status, and other, data, and enable device maintenance
  • Include the actions in which the device is used
  • Activity histories presented online and as downloadable data

"Thanks to you and your team for your unwavering focus and dedication to the user community. Please keep up the good work and know that you are all greatly appreaciated."

Device Profiles

  • Profiles have been defined for 40+ manufacturers and 120+ device types
  • Device network protocols include modern ZigBee HA & LL, Z-Wave, and WiFi
  • All of the devices are pre-profiled
  • Latest profile is applied during joining process
  • Device profiles continue to be added and updated
  • Legacy device network protocols also include AlertMe, and Gen 1 Iris & Hive
  • A profile includes all the commands for each device, and all data reported by device

Iris Cameras

  • OC821, RC8221 and OC830 cameras fully integrated
  • Joined and profiled in similar way to other devices
  • Provide continuous feeds, or snapshots at defined intervals
  • Video outputs from cameras shown in dashboards
  • Full screen high resolution views from individual cameras
  • Test system operating with
    • 2 x OC821
    • 3 x RC8221
    • 5 x OC830
  • Cameras have been re-activated for several users
  • Iris cameras have extensive capability, including full WiFi security
  • Cameras place greater demands on WiFi network than any other device
  • Require high performance WiFi network