Manufacturer Fibaro
Brand Fibaro
Network ZWave
Type of Device Light Switch
Comments In Series w/ Manual Switches, Dual Function, w/ Metering & Toggle

Fibaro Relay

The Fibaro Relay, from Fibaro, is a ZWave Light Switch. In Series with Manual Switches, Dual Function, with Metering & Toggle

An important aspect of any Control System is the power used within the home as a whole, and by individual devices.

The Fibaro Relay can be used to measure the power consumption of your home, or other items, such as fan heaters, televisions,etc. When used in conjunction with the Control System, the Fibaro Relay can ensure you are always kept informed about just how much money you're spending on your electrical energy.

The Fibaro Relay can be turned on / off via the Control System. This enables you to easily manage the state of the device. The on / off status of your Fibaro Relay can be scheduled or configured to react automatically to other devices attached to your Control System.