Manufacturer TBK
Brand TBKHome
Network ZWave
Type of Device Light Switch
Comments Works, But Poor Ergonomic Design

TBK Home Single Paddle - With Neutral

The TKBHome Single Paddle - With Neutral, from TBKHome, is a ZWave Light Switch. Works, But Poor Ergonomic Design

An important aspect of any Control System is the power used within the home as a whole, and by individual devices.

The TKBHome Single Paddle - With Neutral can be used to measure the power consumption of your home, or other items, such as fan heaters, televisions,etc. When used in conjunction with the Control System, the TKBHome Single Paddle - With Neutral can ensure you are always kept informed about just how much money you're spending on your electrical energy.

The TKBHome Single Paddle - With Neutral can be turned on / off via the Control System. This enables you to easily manage the state of the device. The on / off status of your TKBHome Single Paddle - With Neutral can be scheduled or configured to react automatically to other devices attached to your Control System.

One very important point to be aware of is that the TKBHome Single Paddle - With Neutral requires the use of a dedicated neutral line. In some modern homes, this might not be an issue, but older properties, which are in the majority in the UK, are unlikly to have a neutral lines available.

It's not a very difficult task for a qualified electrician to run a neutral line down to a wall switch, it may involve some local redecoration.

As other switches are available that do not require a neutral line, this complication can be easily avoided.

User Comments

Functionally, the device has some great features!

However, it's let down badly by the ergonomics, to start it feels cheap with lots of flex in the plastic housing. The worst aspect is the ability to accidently factory reset the device by pressing the on/off switch too fast. The factory reset disconnects the switch from the Network, requiring you to run re-attach it!

Okay, you might ask "why would you press it more than once?". That's simple, the switch supports the ability to dim the light bulb that it controls. To change the brightness, you do this by holding the the top or bottom of the switch to increase or decrease the brightness. So if you wanted to make it brighter fast, you can easily factory reset without knowing you done so!

Maybe TKB Home will fix this in newer versions of the device, I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Andrew Scott 12/7/2018