Manufacturer LUMI
Brand Xiaomi
Network ZigBee
Type of Device Other
Comments Face To Face, Shake, Slide & Double Tap

Xiaomi MI Cube

The Xiaomi MI Cube, from Xiaomi, is a ZigBee Other. Face To Face, Shake, Slide & Double Tap

The Xiaomi MI Magic Cube is a unique device that supports a wide range of interactions, all of which can be configured by the Control System to manipulate or manage other devices.

You can rotate the cube on one face to change the brightness of a lamp while rotating on another face could change the colour of a different bulb even use a different face again to control the of one room and another face for a different room.

Flipping from Face-To-Face can be configured to change the states of other devices, so too can sliding the cube on one face or another.

You can even shake the cube, maybe to toggle on or off all your downstairs lights!

Here's a screenshot showing you how you can interact with this cube.

Setup the Xiaomi MI Cube's Actions